15+ Best Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Best Online Business Ideas for Beginners . You want to do business but are confused about what business to do and how? No need to be grandiose, actually there are many online business ideas for beginners.
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With the internet and an online selling platform, anyone can start an online business easily. 

Even more tempting, online businesses offer fantastic income with more free hours and ways of working.

But even though it sounds easy, running an online selling idea should not be arbitrary . In fact, according to Chris Ducker, 90% of online businesses fail in just 120 days.

Don't worry, we've studied various sources and filtered out the 15+ best online business ideas for beginners that are sure to bring in a lot of money.

Not only that, you will also find out how and tools to run every business idea here. So, after reading this article, you can immediately put it into practice.

Curious? Let's find the best online business ideas for you below!

15+ Profitable Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Here are the best online business ideas for beginners:

1. Become a Blogger

First, become a blogger. By regularly creating content on your blog, you have the opportunity to earn additional income.

How to do it? For starters, you need to make preparations to create a mature blog :

  • Determine the purpose or reason for your blog's presence (sharing information, improving personal branding, etc.);
  • Determine the topic that will be the main discussion on the blog later (technology, beauty, etc.);
  • Choose the appropriate blogging platform. For example: WordPress.

Now to get money from blogs , you can't just write articles and then upload them. It is important to do several ways of monetizing this blog:

Install Google AdSense , an advertising program that allows you to get paid for ads placed on your blog/website;

Open endorsement. Promote certain products/services on your blog;

Join an affiliate program. This program allows you to earn commissions when there are blog visitors who make transactions through affiliate media such as banners, coupon codes, etc.;

Sell ​​products or offer services. Can be the result of handicrafts, graphic design, etc.

If you are new to the world of blogging, you must be confused about where to start this online business idea. Therefore, we recommend that you dive right in by trying to create a blog.

That way, you can immediately practice and find out which monetization method is more suitable for you.

2. Become a YouTuber

Surely, you are already familiar with this profession. Similar to blogger, only the platform is YouTube and the uploaded content is in the form of videos.

As you know, there are many YouTubers in this world. In fact, there are already more than 37 million YouTube channels. Not surprisingly, the competition is also very tight.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful YouTuber , first understand how to effectively earn money from YouTube:

  • Keyword research as inspiration for creating content that people need;
  • Know the YouTube ranking factors to win the YouTube video ranking competition;
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions. Help YouTube and Google understand the context of your video;
  • Connect videos on YouTube with your blog. Use blogs as a promotional door to your YouTube videos;
  • Understand the YouTube channel monetization terms as a guide for making video compliant;
  • Activate YouTube AdSense. Meet YouTube's monetization requirements in order to install YouTube AdSense .

In addition to the list above, there are many more ways to earn money from YouTube that you need to do. And if you do everything right, you can earn hundreds of millions in a month.

3. Become a Podcaster

No less than YouTubers, podcasters are also a profitable online business idea. For info, podcasts are audio recordings about certain topics that anyone can listen to at any time.

So, how do podcasts make money for you?

Just like blogs and YouTube, podcast income sources can come from:

  • Sponsorship , which is when you promote a product from a specific company in the middle of a podcast;
  • Create premium content . This means that this content can only be enjoyed by those who paid for a 'ticket' to your podcast. For info, to create premium content you can take advantage of platforms such as Patreon, Saweria, etc.;
  • Join an affiliate program. The commission you earn comes from people who click on the link or use your unique code;
  • Selling products/merchandise.

So, for this online business idea to work, you must first understand how to create a podcast . From determining themes, planning content, to recording and editing podcasts.

That way, the podcasts that you produce are of high quality and able to attract the interest of many listeners.

4. Become a Dropshipper

You want a profitable online business but minimal risk? Dropshipping could be the answer.

A dropshipping business is a business model where you sell products made by other parties. Besides being free to determine the selling price, you don't need to stock or ship your own products. Because the manufacturer will do it.

However, because what you are selling is the product of another party, of course it is difficult to control the quality of the product or the delivery of the goods. Therefore, minimize these problems and maintain the trust of your customers by:

  • Choose the right product and supplier. Find out how the quality of products and services from the company concerned;
  • Add a unique selling point. For example, reliable customer service;
  • Pay attention to business branding. Such as logo design, website display, etc.;
  • Create a business website. Its function is as an online storefront as well as a place for transactions;
  • Offer convenience with automated systems. Provide features for calculating shipping costs, courier choices, and other functions on the website;
  • etc.

It's no nonsense, the dropshipping business can be a stepping stone to develop a bigger business. ELIRA , for example. Starting as a dropshipper of fashion goods, Budi Irawan has now succeeded in starting his own online shoe brand.

5. Doing Affiliate Marketing

You are familiar with the term affiliate. In short, affiliates are programs that allow you to earn commissions after successfully getting other people to buy or use a product.

Unlike dropshipping, affiliates do not represent yourself as a seller. So, your job is only to promote the product. Promotional media can be in the form of referral codes, banners, links, depending on what the affiliate company provides.

So, how do you become an affiliate? It's easy, just follow these steps:

  • List of affiliate programs. The amount of affiliate commission also depends on the company you follow. 
  • Promotion of affiliate products. It could be by making a review on the blog, installing a referral code on social media, etc.;
  • Earn commissions after successfully getting people to trade. You can get commission if the transaction is successful.

Important note, you must be careful in choosing an affiliate provider company. Make sure that the company does provide quality products that people need.

6. Offering Writing Services

If you like writing, use this ability to become an online business idea.

Moreover, nowadays many companies are using writing services in order to get quality writing according to their needs. Starting from product descriptions, blog articles, press releases, etc.

But before offering services professionally, first understand these types of writing:

Content writing : the process of creating informative content for blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc.;

Copywriting : writing intended for promotional needs. For example: caption, ads copy, product description, etc.;

UX writing : writing that prompts someone to take action when interacting with the system. Be it applications, websites, etc.

Once you understand the types of writing, you can think about what services will suit your abilities. For example: article creation packages, product description writing, etc.

If your idea is mature, please create a business website to display your writing service offering. That way, it will be easier for potential customers to transact or see your other offers.

7. Work as a Content Strategist

The content strategist is in charge of developing a content strategy based on the client's needs. So, this profession is responsible for:

Topic research to learn what content is popular and what the target audience needs;

Planning content ideas that help the company achieve its goals. Whether it's expanding brand awareness, increasing conversions, etc.;

Maintain content productivity so that the company regularly and consistently publishes fresh content;

Setting up an editorial calendar to manage the timing and flow of content distribution;

Evaluate content strategy based on available analytics.

Not just sitting around waiting for content ideas to come up, you have to run this online business idea professionally and effectively. The method:

Learn content marketing. Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and distributing relevant, important, and consistent content to attract an audience;

Do keyword research to find hot topics quickly. Take advantage of various keyword tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, etc.;

Take advantage of marketing tools. Marketing tools are applications that make it easy for you to run a business. For example, Trello for jotting down to-do-lists;

Learn about competitors' content strategies. Studying your competitors' content marketing strategies will inspire you to create more engaging content;

Understand the character of each marketing channel. Because the character of the users is different, understand each marketing channel so that your content ideas work effectively.

8. Establish a Content Creator Agency

Unlike content strategists, content creators are people who make content by profession. By establishing a content creator agency, it means that you provide services to create content on various platforms. Both social media, blogs, and so on.

Well, the content creator here is different from YouTubers, TikToker, or influencers who have their own channels. The difference is, it's the client who pays you to be an actor or creator of content. So, your income does not come from the relevant marketing channel.

9. Become a Social Media Specialist

The next online business idea, social media specialist.

As the name implies, a social media specialist is a person in charge of promoting products through social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

In fact, the social media planning business is quite potential. Given, 71% of small to medium-sized companies in the world are running Social Media Marketing.

With such a large percentage, it is not surprising that content competition on social media is quite fierce. Therefore, you must develop social media skills in order to be able to produce effective strategies. 

To make it easier for you, let's follow our social media marketing tips :

Learn the marketing techniques of each channel. Given, the character of each social media user is different;

Use a variety of supporting tools. To make your work effective, use tools like Instagram Insights.;

Understand how to place ads. Advertising is important to boost the successful promotion of your client's company.

Now talking about ads, you can find out in more detail when learning Digital Marketing. The good news, digital marketing can also be a profitable online business, you know. Do not believe? Let's get to the next point!

10. Serving Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital marketing is an effort to market products with digital media and internet networks.

While being a digital marketing consultant means that you are tasked with identifying the most effective strategies for advertising company products through digital platforms. Whether it's Google, Facebook Ads, websites, etc.

By type, digital marketing is broken down into:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): tactics to make your website and its content rank #1 on Google;

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): efforts to advertise websites on search pages;

Content Marketing: efforts to produce and distribute content according to company goals;

Email Marketing: digital marketing via email;

Video Marketing: promotional techniques through video;

Social Media Marketing: marketing efforts through social media;

Pay Per Click (PPC): a marketing strategy in which businesses only need to pay for each ad that the audience clicks on or responds to;

Native Advertising: paid content posted on certain platforms.

Do you have to master them all? Instead, as a consultant, you really need to understand every type of digital marketing. So, you can recommend the right solution for each client's problem.

But if you find it hard to learn everything at once, take it easy. We have prepared a digital marketing roadmap for you. 

11. Become a Graphic Designer

In addition to services in the field of marketing, opening a graphic design service is also potential, you know. Given, currently small to large companies prioritize their visual media.

Now in the world of graphic design, these are the services that most people are looking for:

  • Logos;
  • Infographics ;
  • Poster;
  • web design;
  • Social media design;
  • etc.

Reading the list above, you may be pessimistic. Because, you feel your graphic design skills are not much.

Well, don't worry, this online business idea can also be done by beginners. To do this, try the following tips:

Determine the target market. The target market is the group of people you are targeting to sell to. For example, small to medium-sized businesses;

Focus on a specific design area. Company branding, for example. This means that in the future you will know what to learn about logos, infographics, etc.;

Develop graphic design skills. For starters, please try a graphic design platform like Canva . While you learn other design software. Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.

Create a website design portfolio. While continuing to hone your skills, display your work on a portfolio website . So, your work is known by many people and attracts their attention to use your services.

By doing the tips above, those of you who were previously not good at designing will eventually become good at it too. Now, if you are more expert, you can try the website design services which we will discuss in the next point.

12. Website Design

If you already have graphic design skills, it will be easier to learn web design. Because, the basic knowledge is almost the same.

But if you're new to websites, this lucrative online venture must sound quite challenging. In fact, actually anyone can do it, really.

To make it easier for you, please follow the following stages of learning web design:

Understand the types of websites. Each type of website requires a different design approach. An online store, for example, must be able to display product displays well;

Study the visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is a method that directs web visitors to find important information first;

Know various examples of the best website layouts. By knowing the various website layouts , you know which one is best suited to the needs of the client's site;

Follow the latest web design trends. By following web design trends , your designs will never go out of style;

Find out the best website design tips. Increase your knowledge by learning the best website design tips ;

Launch a business website. Publish your business by launching a cool and professional business website.

Well, that was a quick look at how to learn web design . If you are further interested in the world of websites, you can try opening a website creation service. Curious how? Let's slide to the next online business idea.

13. Starting a Web Agency

Unlike website design services, web agency businesses, aka website creation services, offer more varied services, including:

  • Hosting and domain services;
  • Graphic design services;
  • Website creation services;
  • Digital marketing consulting.

Therefore, you need careful preparation to start this online business idea. Approximately, here's what you need to do to start a web agency :

Determine the target market. Focus on your target market specifically. 

Create a brand. Think of a business name that is unique and easy for consumers to remember;

Create a service type. Think about what services you want to offer in the future;

Create a company profile website. Don't forget, build a professional company profile website and show your web design skills;

Promote web agencies. To be widely known, carry out various effective website creation services promotions .

14. Opening an Ebook Store

The next online business idea for beginners, opening an ebook store.

It doesn't have to be someone else's work, you can actually sell your own ebook. So, you are the one who plans, writes, and designs the visual ebook. If you have a website building business, for example, you can launch various online business tutorial ebooks for your customers.

What's nice about making your own ebook is that you can publish your ebook directly without having to go through a publisher selection. How to do?

To be more flexible, we recommend that you release your ebooks through a personal website . Besides being able to strengthen branding, you are also freer to sell because you don't depend on any third party policies.

Now to turn your personal website into an ebook store, you can take advantage of various WordPress plugins. 

15. Selling used goods

Selling used goods is one of the most profitable online businesses and does not require large capital. Whatever used items you have and if they are still worth using, they can sell well if you know how to do it.

Here are tips for successfully running a thrift store:

  • Define your niche. Niche is a more specific target market. For example: secondhand casual clothes and shoes;
  • Create a memorable brand;
  • Photograph your used goods from an attractive side;
  • Upload photos to your preferred online selling platform;
  • Provide a full description of the item you are selling. Starting from the purchase price, selling price, to the condition of used goods.

So that more people will look at your thrift store or thrift store, create a professional online store. You can open an Instagram account specifically for your used goods, or create an online store website .

Bonus Tips: How to Choose the Right Online Business Idea

Online Business Idea

Until here, so many online business ideas that you get. Maybe you are confused about which one to choose.

Therefore, we will help you choose the right online selling idea through the following tips:

1. Focus on Your Abilities

Tips for choosing the first online business idea, focus on your abilities. That way, you can work on your online selling idea with passion and strength for the long term. It's not just a mood or a momentary trend.

But remember, whatever your interests are, be consistent in honing your skills so that the provision to develop your business will increase.

2. Consider Capital

Do not forget, consider the capital you have. Both knowledge capital, assets, or costs that must be incurred to start a business.

3. Test Your Online Business Idea First

Next, test your online business idea first. It can be done by creating a minimum viable product (MVP) , which is a product with basic features that have high usability even though the form is not too sophisticated.

For example, if you want to sell ebooks, try making a simple free ebook first. The goal is to see whether with such a topic and design, anyone is interested in downloading it or not. Whatever the results of the testing, you can use it as an evaluation material to finalize a business plan.

Let's Launch Your Online Business Idea Now!

So far, you've got 15+ profitable online business ideas. Out of all of them, which one best fits your skills or hobbies?

It doesn't have to be one, you can also realize several online business ideas that you think have great potential.

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