12 Free photo editing apps

Free photo editing apps for Android and iOS - Editing photos is a trend that has recently developed in society. The reason is, photo editing activities are supported by the existence of several social media applications such as Instagram that make people interested in uploading Instagram feeds with their best photos. 
Free photo editing apps for Android and iOS

Now, to make the photos displayed more fitting, beautiful, and look prime, then several photo editing applications also appear following the flow.

This photo editing application allows Instagram users and smartphone-based photography practitioners to briefly edit their photos. 

Want to know what photo editing applications can be downloaded and used for free? Let's look at the following reviews.

Benefits of using photo editing apps

Photo editing applications are generally used to support social media users in 0representing the photos they take and store on their devices. Photo editing applications are able to make some people appear confident to upload their photos on various social media, from Facebook to Instagram.

The photos taken by smartphones do not always contain facial photos but also other semi-professional photos which are now supported by capable cameras from various device productions. 

Some of the main benefits of using photo editing applications can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and can be synchronized with photos stored in the phone
  • Effective in the process of storing and uploading to social media
  • Does not involve the complicated process of adding or removing effects to photos
  • Can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Free photo editing apps for Android and iOS

To more easily understand and find out what photo editing applications we can access for free via smart phones, it's a good idea to get to know the various photo editing applications below.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing application that can be used for free and produces professional photos. This photo editing application has a fairly complete photo editing feature even though it takes up a bit of memory on our cellphones. 

Even so, this Lightroom photo editing application is able to help us to control photos smoothly both via Android and iOS. You can adjust the contours of the photo, lighting, to apply automatic edits that make photos automatically become firm and have the right contrast. 

You can download Adobe Lightroom for Android and iOS with a subscription or for free with certain limitations.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

The next photo editing application is still from the manufacturer Adobe, namely Photoshop Express.

This photo editing application generally has the same features as Lightroom such as exposure, contrast, and photo coloring. However, some other features like storage sync and some pro tools are not available here.

Adobe Photoshop Express has the advantage of being lighter and having more free access than Lightroom. You can use photo editing app ii to find a photo filter that suits you or make a collage of several photos in one frame. 

This photo editing application can be downloaded for Android and iOS based devices .


One of the most popular photo editing applications is VSCO. This photo editing application generally works as a photo editor, social media community, and camera sync with various filters. This VSCO photo editing application is free to use with various nostalgic-themed filters.

Not only that, VSCO also allows users to touch photos more broadly. The editing tools in this photo editing application are not too complex because they contain standard tools such as cropping, sketching, to adjustments. VSCO is also equipped with exposure, contrast, temperature, and coloring settings.

4. Snapseed

If you are asked which photo editing application is the most widely heard in the last few years, then Snapseed can be one of the general answers. 

This photo editing app has almost all the features, both manual and automatic, that novice mobile photo editors can easily use.

Snapseed is a free photo editing application with a large number of editing tools that can give the user control over exposure and coloring. Snapseed also has filters such as black and white, vintage, HDR, to blur. 

Users can also create standalone filters that can be saved in their own Snapseed account.

5. Pixlr

This photo editing application was formerly known as Pixlr Express which was titled a free and easy photo editing application. Pixlr helps users to edit photos of various moments with many combinations of effects, overlays, and filters for free.

Some of the main features in Pixlr are photo collages, ratio settings, background adjustments, to automatically correct photo colors. 

Some of the main effects in this photo editing application include Stylize, Color Splash, Focal Blur. 

6. PicsArt

PicsArt is also one of the most popular photo editing applications commonly used in Indonesia. 

Some of the excellent features of PicsArt are basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast, to cinematic coloring, and some dramatic filters that can make user photos more attractive.

PicsArt can be used in a concise and easy way because generally the settings on its features can be done with just one finger movement. With this convenience, PicsArt is still able to produce qualified photo edits to be uploaded on various social media.

7. PhotoLab

If you are looking for a photo editing application that can make your selfies or photo portraits look like paintings or animations, then PhotoLab can be the best choice.

This photo editing app has more than 900 effects and can make amazing face montages. This photo editing app has various frames, animation effects, and filters to drastically change your photos.

You can use this photo editing application easily in seconds to make your photos look creative. The main features of this photo editing application are editing photos like works of art to realistic photo effects. 

Not only that, PhotoLab is also able to make collages and photo montages of faces with certain algorithms with unique filters in them.

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8. Canva

Canva is one of the easiest and most complete free photo editing applications. This photo editing application is commonly used in various things, from making greeting cards, editing photos, to making CVs. 

So complete, Canva is considered capable of being a substitute for various complex graphic design applications.

For the business world, Canva's photo editing application is also very useful because it can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to create their own advertising posters attractively and at no cost. 

Not only that, Canva is also an expert in the field of creating digital flyers on various social media with certain adjustments such as size in stories or feeds on Instagram or other social media.

This photo editing application also provides various Pro features that can be enjoyed for a fee such as background removal and logo creation. 

With the variety of fonts available in Canva, one can create attractive and fast greeting cards and large posters without having to pay for design services.

9. Unfold

Unfold is a photo and video editing application that can help users to build interesting Instagram stories. For an Instagram influencer or content creator, this photo editing application can really help you.

Unfold has more than 400 collections of templates for Instagram stories with Instagram feed planning along with designs, filters, fonts, and several other features such as setting links on the Instagram bio site. 

This photo editing application also has a text editor and fonts used in photos and videos easily and efficiently.

10. Prism

For those of you who have an artistic soul and want to edit your photos with various creative painting styles, then Prisma is the answer. 

This photo editing application does not have rigid and complicated photo editing settings, but Prisma can automatically turn your photos into paintings like those of several legendary painters with their own artistic styles.

Prisma photo editing application can be used to create portrait photos such as processed with complex vector designs. In fact, you only need to add selected effects to your photos and later will create artistic and interesting photo edits. 

The photos that have been edited through Prisma can be used as profile photos for various social media and Instagram feeds.

11. PicSay

PicSay is a lightweight photo editing application for Android-based phones. 

You can use this photo editing application without having to worry about losing a lot of memory on your device. 

Also, PicSay is designed to make it easier for users to paste various texts or fonts into photos. So, you can be creative with various funny and interesting photos through PicSay.

This photo editing application also has additional features such as adjusting shadow and light effects in photos easily. Even though it looks light and has a flat interface, PicSay can be used and downloaded easily because it is lightweight.

12. PhotoDirector

Photodirector photo editing application is Cyberlink's production application for the automatic photo editing sector. This photo editing application can help users make edits with artificial intelligence-based effects in one tap. 

PhotoDirector has several features such as bokeh, changing the background, deleting objects, and creating free collages with certain adjustments. Not only that, this photo editing application has a main feature, namely a photo animation tool that can adjust overlays, dispersions, and use AI in the process of adjusting photo objects.

Those were some free photo editing applications that can be downloaded and used easily for smartphone users. You can maximize the use of some of these photo editing applications by making paid upgrades for each of their features.

For those of you who are interested and have potential in the field of graphic or visual processing, of course, photo editing applications like this can support you. This photo editing application can also support the work of content creators on social media to get visual content in a fast tempo and satisfying results.

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