29/03/2023 - Bedtime Story

Mr Moon, I heard that you had met Mr Sun yesterday. This was a really special event, right?

Hmm. Yes, that's a thrilling story. Do you want to hear?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Tell us, tell us.

Hmm. Once Upon a time there was a beautiful land of the fairies called Orla, which was ruled by the Gloria Fairy Queen and her husband. The queen was so barren that she prayed under the sky every day, hoping for a child to be born. God's helps her. After a long time of waiting, she finally gave birth to a twin princesses. The two princesses were really beautiful and bright. The elder one had the bright blonde hair like the sun which carried the power of the light. She could control fire and the younger one as the gentle hair like the moon which carried the power of The Dark Knight. She could control ice.

Oh my cute little princesses. I will give you all the beautiful names. Look. The bright baby like the sun will be Helen and the gentle baby like the moon will be Selena. I have another gift which is really suitable.

For you all.

Ah. How cute they are. Can I have the honor to be their foster mom? Of course, then from now on they have one more mother.

The two little princesses lived happily in the love of every one. They were really carefree, but they would never expect that a disaster were waiting for them. Out there in Orla fairy land there was a dark ferry named Kedra with weird figure, half human, half snake and the bat wings behind her back. She was always jealous with the Queen Gloria for her beauty and because she was much loved. By everyone. Therefore, she practiced dark magic to create weird monsters with ambition of taking the throne from Queen Gloria, then ruling the fairyland. After getting everything done, Kendra brought the monsters to disturb the fairies, destroy the fairyland, making everyone so frightened. Seeing that, Queen Gloria immediately went out to fight against the monsters to save her people. Together with her husband, they fought bravely. They finally could defeat her, making Kendra run away in frightened. Although the Queen and her husband had a glorious winning, they were seriously injured. People try their best to cure them, but they couldn't make it.

Through maybe I have to go now. I can only believe in you, Sarah. Please take care of the kids and also this Kingdom for me. I believe you can do it. Yes, yes, I promise you that I will take care of them and this Kingdom will have a nice sleep, my dear friend. We will meet again at a place where there were no pain and full of flight. Huh.

From that moment, Helen and Selena grew up with a great care of their foster mother, Sarah. They loved her so much and considered her as their mother. From the day that they were just kids, Helen used to be an outgoing girl who loved to communicate with others. On the other hand, Selena was too shy and she barely spoke. That's why everyone was more comfortable when talking with Helen and about Selena. With her shyness, she couldn't make friends with anyone.

Why do everyone always surround Helen and ignore me like that? That's so unfair.

Time passed by the two little princesses turned.


And Sarah held a lavish birthday party for both of them. At the party, people surrounded Helen. They talked to and smiled with her, but no one remembered that Selena was also there. This made herself pity and immediately leave the party. Selena just sadly wondered and thought until she got lost into a dark forest. She was like being attracted by something. She went deeper and deeper into the forest and saw a woman with a weird figure, half human, half snake with a bat wings on her back. The woman was frightened while seeing her.

Don't be panicked. I have no bad intentions. I won't harm you. Why do you hide here? Deep inside this forest, the Kingdom is celebrating a grand party today with the presence of everyone. Why don't you attend? I'm Kendra. I was born with a weird face, so everyone always stayed away from me. They even hit me and chased me away. So I had to hide here in the middle of this forest. I know your feeling. Although I am the Princess of this Kingdom, everyone also stays away from me. They all love my sister more. I totally understand that sad and lonely feeling. Princess, you are the daughter of our esteemed Queen Gloria. Yes. Talking about the queen, it always makes me hurt. The poor Queen was harmed by her own best friend. Best friend? You mean my foster mom, Sarah. Yes, it is her. She is the one who harmed the queen. Then blame me for this. Making me leave in shadow like this? No way. Don't say nonsense words. My mom Sarah would never do that. Bad thing.

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