28/03/2023 - Life Story

After Medusa's Soul was imprisoned in Haiti's hell, Hercules, in his most suffering met Zeus, the supreme God of Thunder, who claimed to be his father. Hmm. The great Zeus is my father, but I'm an orphan. Raised by Phil. Hmm. That was before I wanted to save you from those who craved your power. I asked people to hide you down to Earth to raise. However, I always follow you, no matter if it was a glorious victory or it was regretful sacrifices, losses of the one you love, whose soul is being guarded by Hades in a power stone in the underworld, that even Athena or you go down there will be in danger. Realizing that the God in front of him could clearly explain the origin and understand the current situation. Hercules did not feel much doubt, so he hastily beg. So if you were my father and the great Zeus, may I have a request? Do you have a way to help me save Medusa? Yes, I have one way. You should go to see the three Moirai sisters and ask for help. They seem to be the ones who govern the lives of all beings in the three worlds with golden threads, right? If they agree to reconnect Medusa's life thread, she will be resurrected and her soul will automatically return here, because Hades hell can only hold souls. Hades can't hold her soul no matter how strong he is. Then, Perseus, let's hurry to the Moirai sisters to save Medusa. I'm sure my father knows the way there. Of course I know. Let's quickly find the Moirai sisters. Please take care of Medusa's body carefully. We will be back shortly.

After that, Hercules, Perseus, and Zeus set off to the realm of the three Murray Sisters. However, Hercules did not know that his body was shining with silk threads on his body. Upon arrival, Hercules quickly expressed his desire to reconnect Medusas fateful threat with the three Murray Sisters. Huh. Medusa. Maybe that's the one with a special thread over there that we just cut. The thread cannot dissolve the light of life because the life has not ended. It's just the soul is imprisoned in Hades's hell. So what should we do to save Medusa? That's right, girls, what you need to do now? If you want to save Medusa Hercules, you will have to reconnect her broken life thread. Once the two ends are reconnected, Medusa can be revived.

If that's the case, then it's easy. I'll do it right away. But why is it so hard to put them together?

Of course, reviving someone is not easy. You need to use more power. Hearing that Hercules work even harder to connect the two ends of the thread, no matter how difficult it was, Perseus could not bear to stand still and ran to help.

To do it alone so that the sucked power won't be disturbed once power is sucked, I mean. Surely the talented Zeus here understands that if you help Hercules reconnect the silk thread, the silk thread will have to receive two different and unequal sources of power. This is very bad, because it will make two people lose more strength, and it will be difficult to connect two ends of the thread at the same time. Right. Besides, you should believe that Hercules alone can save Medusa through intense love. Credits.

However, as he stood still, Persius gradually realized the irregularities of Zeus and the Murray Sisters, the youngest sister of the Murray Sisters, who just sat there without speaking or moving ever since, versus approached the youngest sister, having discovered that she was just a dummy, he realized that these people were hiding something evil. He was about to warn Hercules, but Susan flew over.

Grabbed him and bound him with threats.

Quite our plan to gain the power of Hercules is nearing completion. Because he did not receive persist warning, Hercules continued to use all his strength to profit the thread of life. The threads around Hercules began to appear clearly, and more and more drained the light of power around Hercules. As soon as Hercules finished connecting the thread of faith, his body became exhausted and Hades. Appeared with a power stone in its hand. Why? Why are you? Here. To witness the defeat of the hero Hercules today while he was completely powerless.

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