28/03/2023 - Light Story

There was a little fairy who was very interested in music and lived in the Fairies Forest named Lilith. In her spare time, she danced and sang with magical creatures in the forest. One day while Lilith was playing, she suddenly received an invitation to attend the next Queen selection ceremony, which was only for potential descendants. Lilith was invited to sing for the new descendants of light in front of the entire. People. Although Lilith didn't like crowded places, she agreed because she didn't want to disappoint everyone's expectations. While walking on the road, Lilith began to practice singing along with the birds. Her melodious voice was so beautiful that a strange creature accidentally heard it and danced to her lyrics. However, the appearance of that creature startled the lift and caused a commotion at the great ceremony. This made Sarah, a proud female bird and the best candidate for the throne, very angry.

Lilith, what are you doing? You just ruined our forest important ceremony. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Just now I saw a strange creature up there, so I accidentally fell down here. What creature? Stop making silly excuses. Anyway, you have to get punished for ruining this ceremony.

While Sarah was about to bully Lillen, suddenly the magic Orb of Light, the orb representing the Queen's successor, flew towards Lilith and selected her as the next queen. This incident surprised everyone, especially Lilith herself.

I was chosen to be the next queen. But someone like me, how can I hold this position right? Why would the magic or the flight choose the shy, clumsy person like Lilith as the next queen? Until now, the Magic Orb of Light always chooses the person who has the qualities of a great leader. Therefore, although people find Lilith to be introverted or quiet, I believe Lilith must be a worthy. Person with the magic orb of light to choose her as the next queen.

However, Lilith was also confused about the decision of the Magic Orb of Light, because she found herself not as talented as everyone expected before the Queen of the Forest announced Lilith as her successor. Yet she discovered that the Magic Orb of Light had some cracks.

Or is it because this magic orb of light is correct, so it has not enough magic to choose correctly? Actually that didn't really affect the decision, she is right, maybe after the collision? The Magic Orbit Flight lost part of the eternal light, so the rock person was chosen. Moreover, if we let the magic orb of light lose their eternal light, the forest will be engulfed in darkness. Therefore, I want to find a lost part of eternal light to recover magic from the Orb and confirm who is the next queen. I also want to redefine this. OK, if that's what you want, then go to the magic waterfall and find the eternal light. For the OR.

Afterward, Lilith and Sarah set out to find the eternal light. They flew to a dark labyrinth and were blocked by giant thorns. Sarah immediately flew up to find a way out, but the trees here also grew faster and faster, locking Sara's view. Sarah was angry and used her magic to burn the trees, but they were still unharmed.

Sarah, please stop. All living things have a life, so please don't destroy them. You know nothing. I got to get out of the. Elaborate as quickly as possible, so stay away from me.

While Lilith was upset because she couldn't stop Sara's actions, she suddenly discovered there were turtles in the forest.

Sarah, stop it. I've got a way to get us out of here. What? Do you have a way? There are turtles that are very similar to my friends, and turtles usually like to live in wet places. If so, maybe they'll get us out of the labyrinth and into the waterfall.

Although she was half suspicious, Sarah also knew that Lilith often played with creatures in the forest, so she also accepted to stop destroying the trees and follow Lilith. As expected, it was thanks to Lilith. Observation skills that they succeeded in getting out of the labyrinth.

We've reached the Magic waterfall. Well, you're lucky. If it weren't for my blow, you wouldn't be able to see this little.

Turtles not acknowledging lillie's help. Sarah continued to fly close to the waterfall where the God guarded the Golden Key that opened The Cave door and was fast asleep.

Wake up, old man. Give me the key to the place where they turn. The light is kept.

Go away. OK, I'm sleeping.

Old man, I'm in a hurry, so you can't sleep at this time. Quickly, give me the key.

Instead of asking gently, Sarah acted disrespectfully and harassed the God, making him angry and knocking her to a corner. Lilith was timid by nature and when she saw the angry God, she planned to hide somewhere else. However, her mission was still to find the eternal light. So she tried to take all her courage and asked the God.

Excuse me, could you let me know?

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