28/03/2023 - Love Story

On a stormy night, over the land of the bells and the middle of the forest, the King and Queen's carriage was hurrying back to the castle. Inside the carriage, the queen was suffering from severe pain because she was in labor. Suddenly the crowd crash. The King helped the queen to try to leave the forest. To find a safe place to hide from the rain. Fortunately, no matter how bad the weather was, it could not prevent the two princesses from being born safely. Those were two beautiful princesses, Lena and Crystal. After nine years, the two little princesses grew up to be extremely pretty and lovely. Princess Lena was a very energetic and mischievous girl, On the contrary. Crystal was a very gentle and Princess. On the nine years old birthday of the two princesses, the king held a big party to celebrate. However, just as the two girls were about to cut their birthday cake, a fire broke out. The incident left everyone in shock and panicked. Crystal, are you OK? What?

Flame is from her hands. She's a Witch. She's definitely a witch. The whole party suddenly became chaotic. The criticism towards the Princess began to increase, crossing Princess Lena to panic and run away from the party.

Ohh does it snow in the middle of summer? Unbelievable. Little Princess Selina was very afraid of her fiery hands. Although she did not feel any pain, it was not easy to put them out. Fortunately, the Queen still knew that she was the safe support of the Little Princess. Besides, the small snowflakes were also helping Princess Crystal recover from her burns. Wow, it's so magical. In the days following use, the Glenna was a witch quickly spread throughout the country. The people were fiercely demanding to punish or expelled Princess Selena in a case. Similar things might happen to them. The King, out of love for his daughter, tried to appease the people and made the decision to lock the little Princess Lina in a post room, not to go out unless it was an emergency. Because he loved his daughter and because he wanted to protect her, the king could not think of any other way. Then one day it was said that Lena attacked the guards when her fire and escape from the solitary cell. After a long time without news of her daughter, the queen passed away because she was so heartbroken, leaving many regrets to stay on Earth. The king was left with only crystal by his side. Fearing that the other Princess would also be in danger, he immediately ordered her to stay in the castle and not be in contact with strangers. Just like that, seven years have passed and the beautiful. Princess Crystal had always dreamed of once being integrated into the bustling crowds outside. Princess, what do you want to eat today? Anything.

Hmm. Wait. One day, Crystal came up with a bold idea. Hmm. Thanks to the idea of using a made outfit, she was able to fulfill her desire to integrate into society. Enjoying a moment of freedom that she had not experienced for a long time. Her life footsteps led her to destiny as a Princess surrounded by walls, she didn't know much about the dangerous world outside. You guys should stop. I will report to my father and he will arrest you.

A maid who dares threaten us.

Taking advantage of the opportunities, the young boy quickly pushed down the thugs and dragged his savior away from this dangerous place. The four of them kept running one after another on the glacier and an extremely interesting situation appear, passing the shape to be interrupted. Look after, it was certainly hard for the bad guys to get a good ending.

Dare to make us like this. I won't forgive you.

Oh, coincidence appeared more and more, and the ice under the hugs feeding gradually cracked, causing him to fall into the cold water. Taking advantage of the moment when the bad guys were busy escaping from the freezing water, the young man and Princess Crystal, he immediately left. After spending some fun outside, Princess Crystal quickly returned to the palace. She still regretted those moments of freedom. Hmm. It's been a lot of fun. But there are also some problems I don't know how to handle. That boy's name is Nathan, the son of a fisherman, who their family has suddenly become difficult and poor since the day Lena showed her witchcraft powers. The frost left them without food and since it's from the royal side, I feel like I have a part of the responsibility too. I want to make up for them the people who suffered because of Lena, but when I told him I was a Princess, he didn't believe me. Why Princess, it's most likely due to your costume if there is a next time.

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