28/03/2023 - Moonlight Story

Under the romantic moonlight, the whole Moon Kingdom was welcoming the birthday party of the Fairy Venus, the daughter of the moon gods. After the show ended, everyone happily praised her and gave her the most beautiful gifts from heaven and Earth. For Venus, the moment to see the prayer lanterns of the people flying in the sky was the best gift in every birthday. Turns out that her father wanted to share in the joy of Venus's birthday. He always gave more blessings to the people on that day. At first the people all said their wishes, but the voice that reached her father was very small. So only a few people were able to fulfill their wishes, until one day lanterns carrying wishes were released into the sky, making Venus and her father very surprised by this initiative.

Father, these lanterns are so beautiful. I'm sure when I grow up I'll find out who invented these lanterns.

OK, when you grow up, I promise to help you do that.

But why are there? Ones that don't shine.

Those are wishes beyond my magic, so I can't grant them.

Ohh I see. But in the future I will try to practice magic like you and get better at making everyone's dreams come true.

The kindest fairy? Therefore, Venus always looked forward to her adult birthday party, because then she will be gifted with teleportation magic from her parents.

Thanks parents for this wonderful gift. I'm going to fulfill my biggest wish.

To remember to be. Careful when visiting the human world, and don't forget to look for that person, Venus.

I got it.

When Venus arrived, she saw that the people here were also happily celebrating her birthday and writing wishes on lanterns. However, in order to hide her identity, Venus turned into a human and then integrated into the festival with everyone. And then, while having fun, Lunice discovered that there was a handsome man but somewhat weak skin standing. Smiling quietly behind everyone, curious, Venus was about to walk over to ask about it, but suddenly tripped. Fortunately, the boy caught her. Are you OK?

Yeah, it's fine. Thank you very much.

You look so strange. You seem not to be from the Kingdom.

I heard that a lot of lanterns are released on this day, so I want to find a person who made these lanterns.

Prince Pluto of this Kingdom. I hope this little idea can help. People's voices get closer to the gods. Even if my wishes can't be fulfilled forever, I still hope they receive those good things. It turned out that Pluto had a serious illness that exceeded her father's magical limits, so his Lantern always went out and his wish could not come true. Therefore, after knowing Pluto for a while, Venus also realized her feelings for this wise and kind Prince, so she decided to reveal her identity. And create a treasure to help him.

This is the water gem which is absorbing all my power. Keep it by your side. It will help you maintain life and have a healthy body.

Like Pluto got stronger and stronger. Thank you very much Venus. Since then, Venus and Pluto's relationship had become increasingly close. Finally, Venus decided to tell Pluto that she would return to the Kingdom to tell her parents about the relationship between them and promised to bring Pluto good news. However, things did not go as she and Pluto had planned. This can't happen. You are the precious moon Princess. How can he deserve it?

It's probably because you've never met a human before. So you were shocked, didn't think carefully, didn't you, thought you were in love. But.

Without waiting for Venus to finish, her parents summoned magic that covered the castle with traps and locked her in a room. Venus was about to use magic to protest, but her magic in the water gem had been given to Pluto, so she could not escape the room at this time.

To find a way to return to Pluto's side as I promised.

Many days passed, and Venus, also thought of a way, fulfilled her wish. As soon as she stepped out of the palace, she faced a forest of thorns, a challenge her parents created to discourage her.

My body is itchy, but I can't give up a Pluto for this little challenge.

So despite the fact that her clothes were stained or thorns scratched on her body, she still tried to wriggle through. Escaping from the Forest of Thorns, Venus went to the bridge that led to the Earth, but it was taken away by her parents. While she was struggling, not knowing what to do, she saw the God who guarded the gate to the human world was sitting humming nearby. She begged the God to let her pass, but the God refused to let her go because she had obeyed orders from the king and queen.

Please help me go to the human world. I will trade everything I count if you agree. Thing. So do you dare to give me your youth? This youth and beauty are what every girl wants. And if I lose them, who doesn't love me anymore? However, I can't break my promise with him. So at all costs I have to be Pluto again.

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