29/03/2023 - Princess Story

A Once Upon a time, in the land of Wonderland, there lived the beautiful Princess Viva, who possessed the magic of making flowers bloom and giving life to plants. As soon as Viva waved her hand, all plants and flowers would bloom and be fresh all day. That's because when the Princess was born, there was green magic flying from the sky to her cradle and bestowed this gift on her. Since then, Princess Viva got magical abilities. She usually spent time with the people taking care of trees and food, so Viva was considered a Kingdom treasure. One day, a dark, mysterious smoke appeared from her hand when Viva was about to use her power with a tiny sprout.

What happened? Why does my magic give off a dark light and cause the sprout to wither? No, I have to try again to find the reason.

After that, Viva rushed to the garden and tried the magic again, but the black smoke from her hand caused the trees to die. Unfortunately, the people who were working that day accidentally witnessed this scary scene and immediately spread the word to each other. Look at the princess's hand. It seems that the princess's magic is cursed.

It proves that the princesses endowed power has disappeared. Even her magic now has caused disaster for our crops. Then the country is about to fall into a state of misery.

Immediately, everyone reported this to the King and Queen. They suggested that the Princess be detained in order not to spread dark magic throughout the Kingdom. Although the King and queen were heartbroken, they had to decide to lock Viva in the room temporarily.

Umm. What to do now? If I am unable to regain magic like before, I will definitely be locked in the room forever. I have to find out the cost and solution as soon as possible. Confused, she saw a butterfly fly past the window and bring with it dark smoke.

This Dark's mom is very similar to the magic of my hand. So if I follow this butterfly I will be able to know why my power disappeared and where the smoke comes from. Butterfly, can you lead me to where the smoke comes from?

After that, Viva sneaked out of the palace and followed the direction of the butterfly, leading to a dim forest. While Viva was walking through the forest, she heard a low voice echoing nearby.

Is there anybody there please help me. With a kind nature, Viva followed the echo of the cry and saw a girl lying in the pit. Miss please please help me. OK, I'll do my best. Viva looked around again and used the vines around to save the girl. However, while Viva rescued era. The two didn't notice that there was a small light flashing when they touched each other's hands.

Thank you so much for saving me. Nothing but who are you? Why are you in this dark and deserted place? I'm Ira, the unlucky girl who lives in a nearby. Village. As it turns out, Aura also received a spell when she was a young child. However, Era's magic was considered a bad omen for the whole village. She caused a lot of trouble due to a lack of control whenever she was nervous or afraid of. Even one day, Aaron's power created dark smoke, causing the magical flames to grow more and more out of control. As a result, she was chased out of the village by the villagers and wandered into this forest when she saw the dark smoke like hers here. Looks like our magic is under the influence of this dark smoke. Ohh, you are right. So is our source of power related to each other. Although I don't know what's the secret of our strength. Instead of standing here, let's go find the source of our strength and why these strange things happen. That makes sense. But aren't you afraid I'll bring you bad luck? No, never. After that, they continued on their way to follow the instructions of the butterfly. During that time, the two girls confided in a lot of things and became closer and closer to each other. And then there were nights when it became cold and windy. Era loved her friend, so she tried her magic to create fire for Viva, however.

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