29/05/2023 - Sad Story

Sad Life 
Ohh Miracle of life, help me revive this ancient tree.
Look, the Asian tree has finally come to life. That's right, your magic is getting better and better. You are truly the descendant of the Phoenix and our best friend Maleficent. It's thanks to your help that I was able to use this magic stone on the scepter.

Yes, this was the story of Maleficent, the Fairy who once had a happy life like everyone else before turning into Mistress of Evil. Back then in the faraway Moors, there was often war because the neighboring Kingdom was always trying to get the Phoenix's powerful magic stone. However, the Phoenix managed to repel the soldiers and used the last part of magic to create a barrier to protect the people before sacrifice. While the land of the Moors was grieving the loss of the Phoenix from the Ashes, Maleficent was born with the responsibility to become the descendant of the Moors. Since then, with the help of three fairy friends, Maleficent had always lived peacefully inside the barrier.


However, Maleficent had always been curious about the outside world and hoped that one day the two lands would be united by intelligent people and lived happily together. One day, while Maleficent was flying at the edge of the Wall of Thorns, she spotted a strange creature at the bottom of the thorns. When she came closer, it turned out to be a young man trying to save an injured rabbit in the thorns. Because Maleficent wasn't paying attention, maleficence wings were wounded. By a thorny branch and immediately the man discovered and came to see the wound. However, his ring accidentally touched Maleficent, causing her more pain.

Please keep metal objects away from me. They make me feel very painful.

Sorry, I didn't mean to. I will throw it away. After Stefan threw the ring away, Maleficent gradually calmed down and asked in surprise about his appearance. Actually, I'm Stefan the Prince. Of the neighboring country. I was also told by people around me not to set foot here because this place is very dangerous. But I still surreptitiously learn about the mysterious creatures there, and I found that behind this wall is a very beautiful world. Today I saw this little rabbit in trouble. I defied obstacles to save it, but unexpectedly you discovered this. However, I didn't intentionally intrude here to harm you. I just hope that everyone in my Kingdom can understand mores is such a beautiful land.

I didn't expect that. There were also kind people in the neighboring Kingdom who were willing to save the people of the Moors and me. If he's a Prince, I should try to build a relationship. And ask him to help the two kingdoms be reunited later, OK, I'll spare your life on the condition that we become good friends in the future.

OK, since then the two have become close. Maleficent even shared Stefan about the magic stone.

Although I always used the magic stone to revive all things, it is said that this scepter also has the power of destructive energy if it falls into the hands of people with evil thoughts. Therefore I will definitely protect the purity of the stone.

I didn't know that the stone contains both the power of life and destruction.

Maleficent oh, no, the fairies. You're looking for me, Stefan. You should go back first, because the people here still have a lot of animosity against humans after the sacrifice of the Phoenix. Therefore, for the time being, you should run away first.

I understand, and here is our proof of love and hope that one day we both have good news of peace when we meet again. When Stefan left, the fairies found Maleficent and asked why she was so often on the edge of the wall of thorns these days. At first Maleficent was afraid to say, but in the end, because she did not want to hide her best friends anymore, she talked about Stefan.

Maleficent you should not associate with humans. They are very cunning. That's right. That land of humanity and the land of the Moors leave peacefully. Is it possible? But Stefan is very different from them. I have known and talked to him many times, so please believe me, it's not that. Ah, OK, we should stop arguing. Let's see how Stefan's expression is, and then we will make decision. I hope Stefan will bring back the good news, as he promised us. Thank you for believing in me. I just want to remind you of this. The more you hope, the more you will be disappointed.

Although she did not understand what the fairies meant, Maleficent still tried to wait for Stefani's return with strong faith. However, a few days later, while Maleficent and the fairies were waiting for Stefan at the edge of the Wall of Thorns.

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