30/05/2023 - Rose Story

Rose Story
Once Upon a time, in a faraway Kingdom, there lived a beautiful Princess named Alida. She has an amazing source of magic given to her by a fairy godmother since childhood, which was to bring life to things. Not only that, since childhood Aleida had been taught by her parents to always love people, so she was very close to them. Because of that, she had the opportunity to meet Kevin, a poor but very kind and hardworking guy. Gradually the two became more and more attached after hanging out together. Especially sharing a passion for painting. During a tour of the arid suburbs of the Kingdom, Alida saw an old woman falling on the road and hurriedly took her to the car to take her home deep in the forest. I have heard people say that you were a gentle and kind Princess for a long time, but I did not expect that today to have the opportunity to meet and receive the help of the Princess like this, which makes me very grateful. You're welcome. That is the duty and heart of a Princess towards the beloved people of the Kingdom. The old woman was pleased to hear Alitas sincere words. She nodded and took out a magic ball. I heard that the Princess have the ability to give life to objects, so I want to repay you by giving you another kind of magic. You can talk and heal all kinds of plants and animals. Thus, the more you save all the lives around you, the more famous you will be for your kind heart. Sounds good, but can I possess that magic? Yes, but. In the return you need to give me a drop of blood to activate the power. Is that OK? Hearing the old woman's nice words, Aleda nodded in agreement and reached out to touch the needle to activate the power. Suddenly, a mysterious light shone around, entering the Princess in front of the mysterious smile of the. Old woman. After the transfer was completed, Alida tested the spell on a nearby dry tree. Just like that, the tree came to life and danced in front of her. The Princess was very happy. Then she said goodbye to the old woman and returned. Seeing Alita gone, the old woman immediately became a dark witch. It turned out that because of jealousy of the princess's beauty and the ability, this witch had always wanted to harm her. However, the magic of the Witch family did not allow her to directly take anyone's life. So she had to practice a curse that made the Princess go through a lot of suffering and depression to the point of giving up on her own life. Forward to the day that Alina uses this new ability for the 100th time. At that time, she will have a serious, incurable disease that will make her depressed, and the day she will leave this earth will soon be. However, Alida did not know this, so day by day, she and Kevin still used this ability to. Cope. One day, when Alita was preparing to revive a withered rose, suddenly there were dark auras radiating from her hand. What? What happened? Why did the Rose become wilted and burned my hand and my head? It hurts. That was happening fainted. Kevin nearby saw this and quickly carried the Princess back to the palace. Many doctors came to see Alita, but everyone shook their heads, unable to find the cause and cure for the disease. The Princess lay in bed every day listening to this. Her mind was extremely depressed. She did not want to go anywhere and she wanted to give up more and more. Kevin, maybe we'll be like neurosis out there and one day we'll fade away too. And maybe I can't live with you all my life and happily help people. Like before. I feel my body getting weaker and weaker and I'm scared. Please don't give up your smile and optimism. I will definitely find a way to save you. Alita said nothing, sighed and handed Kevin the Rose and fell asleep after Alita. Left, Kevin hurriedly said to the king and queen that he would go find the fairy godmother to save Alita because he thought that she was a wise fairy. There would definitely be a way to save the Princess. Before leaving, Kevin also asked Alita's parents for a request. Please take good care of Alita's Rose Garden, because those roses.

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