30/05/2023 - Christmas Story

Christmas Story
Did you have any fears in this Kingdom? The one in the black robe was the worst nightmare. Just change something very important of yourself for him. He was ready to help you do anything. It's no use. You can't escape. This time he took orders from Prince Edward's evil stepmother to pursue and forbid their love. Leave us alone, as long as you give up. We promise never to return to the palace again. Being cornered, Princess Ballet accidentally dropped a snowball on the shelf and the light flashed, sucking the two. Of them. Into the air world. Hmm. Opening eyes around a Princess and Prince was a crowd of strangers. It turned out that the Snowball Kingdom was in a constant sleep before, thanks to the appearance of Princess Ballet and Princess Edward, they all woke up. They honored the two as King and queen of the Kingdom, hoping that the Princess and Prince would reign, helping the people's life to be happier and more prosperous. In this country, winter was endless. There was no crime and no one was sad. From the endless source of snow, they could create everything in the world. Their life was extremely rich. They just enjoyed it. At first, Princess Ballet and Prince Edward were very satisfied and happy, but over time, as peace repeated itself without any challenge. For difficulty, the Prince began to get bored. He missed life outside when he ventured to conquer the world and overcome difficulties. Princess, do you think this world is too safe for us? Safe. What do you mean? Isn't that a good thing? I mean, sometimes we need to take risks in life to find it more meaningful. You know, it's only winter here, but summer and spring and autumn are also very beautiful. I think we need to be content, Edward. We've risk enough before. I just want to be in peace with you now. The more they argued, the more they disagreed. I'm tired of always being beside you. Can't you live without me? I need my own space. Things are getting stuffy, you know. The decision to stay here together was too hasty and we need time to reconsider. I will leave. Prince Edward sadly sent his confession to the forest. Who knew that there was a portal to the outside world. The one in the black robe heard it. It looks like a Prince lot to say who? Who's saying that? Aye, the satire of this forest. I understand what you're thinking. It seems only I can help you now. Satire. Why have we never heard of? How can mortals know me? You just need to know that I have a way to let you return to your previous rehab, comfortable and free life. Life before. Do you know how to get out of this Kingdom? I know more than you think. Listen well to this mantra. The life of freedom is in your own hands. Then the voice showed the Prince to spell. The Prince went from doubting after being admonished he believed, and reciting the spell he was taught in the hope of escaping. Ancient mysterious storm drowning in the ice. Obey your master. Open the door. Now. As soon as he finished reciting the spell from the stump of an ancient tree, a space door appeared. Yeah. I love you. Why you you tricked me. There are no satires. The air was hot, the snow was melting in an instant, the ice structures collapsed and winter was completely gone. God, there's a crack in the sky. Noticing an unusual sign, Prince Edward rushed back to the palace. Hmm. Your Majesty, the situation is very bad. If the weather got any hotter, the whole Kingdom would disappear. How is this possible? I what should I do? Christmas is coming on the night of December 24th. According to tradition, the magical characters of winter will link together, forming magic Snow. Chances are that sleet will bring things back to normal. Then send them here. As soon as the incident happened, they all somehow disappeared. According to the traces left by the Musketeers, the possibility of them being sucked through the hole and flying to the outside world. The Prince realized that he had just done something very wrong. He regretted this and decided to leave to find the winter characters. I'll go with you. What, you mad at me? Even though we're no longer together, I'm still the Princess here. I have to help you save the Kingdom. The atmosphere of loss enveloped the whole Kingdom. The people knew for the first time that Christmas was coming and there was no festive spirit at all. The Princess and.

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