30/05/2023 - Flower Story

Flower Story
The snowflakes were falling. It signals the cold winter which is about to come other creatures who are preparing for a long winter sleep. After hard working days, the flower fairies finally went back to flower land to enjoy their winter holiday. Finally, we could relax for a while. The more important thing is that we will be able to greet Mr. Santa Claus. Come on, that day is a long way off. Just relax first. No, I'm afraid that if we don't prepare it carefully, Mr. Santa will not be able to find Flowerland. Let her do it. Nobody can present her now. Annually, Santa Claus would bring the presents for the flower foods as fast. For the. Things they had drunk over the year's biggest flower land is located in an isolated place which was really difficult to find, so they had to arrange this signal lights as the instruction for Santa, classifying as usual. Aquino was always the one who took the responsibility. Of arranging the signal lights. Finally, the day that Santa Claus visited, flower land was about to come and everything was ready. Everyone was really eager to await for the next day, except for a house in a corner of flower land. It was still quiet, however, as the next morning no one knew why everything became so chaotic. For sure, she's the one who did it. Huh. Thinking so, Aquina immediately went to find that, failing to talk. About. It. What's that? Venus, why did you ruin all the efforts of everyone? I don't know what you want. Quit you act. You're the one who sabotaged the signal lights to make Santa Claus not be able to find flower land. Do you have any evidence to prove that I'm the one who did it? Because you're the only one who hates Christmas here. Aquina, we shouldn't suspect others when we didn't have a clear evidences. Now together we should prepare everything again to timely welcome Santa Claus this evening and we'll make it clear later. Umm. Yeah. I will definitely find the evidences to make you apologize for this. Then that night when everyone was trying to prepare the things. Akina secretly snuck into Vince's house. Hmm. A person who hates Christmas that much? It's weird when she has those things. Ohh. Indeed, she's the one who ruined everything. What are you doing in my house? Do you want to refuse anymore? You not only ruined everything but also stole those Christmas stuffs. I don't steal anything, so how do you explain for those stuffs? I'll tell the chief of the fairies, then see how will you be able to refuse it? No. When flying near the landing track of Santa Claus, Venus supposedly caught Aquina making both of them loose. Balish then fell down. The stuff also came off to the middle of the track, and that very moment, helplessly was about to tripping on that stuff with me. Just lay loose, extract and get an accident. Ohh no Mr. Santa. Akina Venus. What are you doing chief? I I found out the evidence to prove that Venus was the one who ruined everything. Didn't I say that we should make it clear later? You all just thought of what you did. Oh. If Mr. Santa won't be able to hand the gifts, it means both of you ruined Christmas. I am sorry, chief. I'm sorry, sana. So now what do we have to do? It's OK, it's not too late now. If you all can help me fix this, lay and collect the presents, I can still make it. Huh. Hmm. Hmm. Huh. Ah. Shortly after, everything was finally ready for Santa Claus to set out. However, his injury was really serious. Not OK. The injury is more serious than I expected.

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