30/05/2023 - Handsome Story

Handsome Story
In fairy tales, the fairies will always appear to help the kind people in difficulties. However, when a fairy helped someone without a good ambition, then she wasn't a fairy for sure. In the village there lived an orphanage man named Jacob for being a chimney sweep. His face always got dirty. Not so many people could see his real face. Even his best friend Keva. Jacob, help me, please. A little sheep got lost from its herd. What are you dreaming about a Prince? And forget the. Sheep, when I'm able to marry the Prince, I won't have to be a shepherd anymore. And of course I won't forget you, although pretending to be happy. But Jacob was really sad because he had fallen in love with keva for such a long time whilst splitting up to find the shape Kawasaki with the really strange patterns. There was also a wooden box near there. For her curiosity, Keva tried to open that box. A fairy suddenly appeared right in front of her. I can listen to your feelings. I will help you become the wife of the Prince. Really. Yes, you only need to give me 3 drops of your blood. Yes, I agree. Well, hearing that she could marry the Prince, Kevin was so excited that she undoubtedly followed the fairies words. Then Keva received a wonderful dress for the upcoming prom. The fairy also advised her not to tell anyone about that meeting or the miracle would disappear at that moment Jacob had just found. The lost sheep. When seeing the dress, Jacob asked, but Keva just turned around and said she accidentally got it. Then the prom came. The dress helped keva to be the most outstanding girl on that night, and she could easily attract the Prince attention. The Prince was totally overwhelmed by her beauty. He danced with her for that whole night. Finally, there was a dream came true. The Prince brought her back to the palace. However, being happy not for so long. Keva felt really depressed because she had been in the palace for so long, but she still couldn't meet the Prince just once. Moreover, although having a sound sleep for the whole night, she still felt really tired the next morning. Keva invited Jacob to the palace and told him everything. Then Jacob advised her to discover the reasons for all those things. After that, in spite of leaving, Jacob secretly hid behind a chimney to wait. When the night came, as usual, the servant brought keva a cup of milk. She drank it all and became sleepy. Hi. Right after putting her back on the bed, Keva took a deep sleep and didn't know what was going on. Until midnight, someone appeared and stepped on Kevin's room. Jacob was surprised when he saw it wasn't a Prince but a devil. It came closer to Keva and gradually sucked her life spirit. Ohh, I've spirit of the ambitious girls is always the most delicious thing. Waiting for the devil to leave, Jacob immediately followed him. The devil entered a room. Then he got into a wooden box, which was placed in the middle of the room. Jacob intended to go back and tell everything to Keva, but he faced the guards who were on patrol, so he had to hide in a nearby room. Strangely, Jacob found all the things inside that room so familiar. Umm, is that? Jacob looked at the place where the sound came. It was the king. Your Majesty, please forgive me. I meant no harm. You seem not to work in this palace. Why are you here? Seeing that the king had no bad intentions, Jacob honestly told him everything. I was also harmed by that devil. Years ago I accidentally lost my son of that devil, took advantage and replaced him. But taste later I discovered his own identity, so he harmed me. Hmm. Thanks for your theories gave me I could say in my life, but I can only be away for a while in the early morning, the time when the table strength got weak. Maybe the devil was full and hide inside that box. Then his strength was weakened. The box is his weakness. You just need to wait for the chance. Then destroy the box and he he will. Be eliminated ah. After saying that the king immediately fell asleep. Jacob predicted that the devil was awake, so he quickly ran back to Kevin's room. The next morning, waiting for Kevat to be alone in the room, Jacob got out from the chimney and told her everything. Ah. Just blame me for being too greedy. I desired the things that didn't belong to me, so I put myself in this situation. If you're afraid, I'll find the way to get you out of. Here, no, if I leave, that devil will definitely go find and harm other girls together.

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