30/05/2023 - Moms Story

Moms Story
Else. Look, the ferocious monster was attacking the little Princess. Could she escape from his sharp claws? Let whoa fairy tales tell you what happened with today's story. Once Upon a time, in a beautiful and prosperous Kingdom, the king and the queen lived happily with their treasure Princess Malia. Malia was much pampered by her parents since she was a kid, she really loved horse riding and she used to practice fencing with her father. Therefore, the King asked his people to forge a sword for Malia to bring it along with her that happiness felt like forever. Until the queen got seriously ill and passed away. My dear, I have to go far away and I won't be able to be with you anymore. Promise me that you will always bring this hairpin along with you. It will protect you from me. No, mom, don't leave me alone. Suddenly, she became motherless after just one night. This made her so hurtful. Not long after, when her sorrow was not yet eased, her father remarried another woman. Her stepmother was really ugly, but no one knew why the king loved her so much. The Princess had to live in fear every day, because one time. She accidentally saw the queen was practicing magic in her room. Hmm. Father, you should guard against the queen. Today I saw her doing magic in her room. Not at all. She was with me the whole time. You're mistaken. Don't be too suspicious of the queen is really good. You should try to open your heart with her. The King kept on living with his infatuation for the queen until one day he suddenly went missing. The king has been seriously ill. He kept it for himself because he didn't want everyone to see his bad image. So he went out to discover the world outside on his last days of life and he handed over this Kingdom for me. From now on I will try my best to take care of the people and the Princess. I don't believe it. You definitely harmed my father. I saw you practice dark magic many times in your room. I will go find my father and bring him back to punish you. If you know it, I won't have to act anymore. People put the Princess into the dungeon. Let me see how can she find her father. The Princess was dictating in the dark dungeon wrongly. She shouted out loud, knocked the door, but no one cared about her. The Princess Hurtfully cried with her face down, but she quickly wiped her tears and thought about the way to escape. I cannot sit here and cry. I have to find a way to get out of here. She suddenly remembered about the hairpin she always brought along with her. She gently used that. Hairpin to pick the lock. And secretly escaped. She kept running into a deep forest. Reaching halfway, the guards discovered that the Princess had escaped. They chased away and blocked her. They rushed there to attack her. Although being practiced fencing before, she was still no match for the guards. I will be exhausted and lose it.

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