30/05/2023 - Romantic Story

Romantic Story
Once Upon a time in the fairyland of Baruna, there was a romantic love story of the beautiful fairy Rosie and the handsome fairy Flynn that many people admired. Rosie was a stubborn and body girl who had always made fun of Flynn, while Flynn was always tolerant and gentle, taking care of brother. In particular, in the fairyland where they lived, there was a legend of the lake known as the Forbidden Land of death keeping the mysterious wards. This forest was also rumored to be the shelter of a dark, evil witch named Helen. People were always advised by the elder Berry to stay away from this place because there was ceiling and extremely dangerous dark thing. If there was anybody who liberated it, this fairyland would be in danger and the fairies would also be in trouble. However, Rosie was extremely curious about it. Flynn, I heard that the lake is the lake of wishes. As long as you go there to make a wish, all your wishes will come true. But that was the forbidden land. We shouldn't trespass. We are fairies. We have magic. What are we afraid of? I want to go there to make a wish for our love. Then Rosie took Lynn's hand and pulled him to the door of the mysterious forest. Flynn worried and stopped Rosie. Rosie, I don't think we should disobey the elder. What if we put everyone in danger? I only go there to make a wish. I won't cost any danger. If you don't come with me, I will go alone. After that, Rosie ran away and walked through the door of the forest. Flynn worried and hurried to chase her. As soon as they walked through the forest, both of them were dumbfounded. In front of them was a wonderfully brilliant and sparkling scene. Oh, how beautiful this place is. Come on, Flynn. Let's go to the lake of wishes. But the elder told. Just a wish. It won't take too long. Don't you love me? Lynn helplessly followed Rosie to the end of the forest. I, Rosie. I Flynn we wish that we would love each other forever and ever. When their hands just touched the water surface, a black vortex rose from the bottom of the lake, bringing a terrible laugh. Finally I'm free and suddenly the forest became dark. Black smoke spread and a witch with a sinister face appeared. Who, who are you? Where did you come? From May. I'm the one who was killed by the elder fairy for thousands of years in this cold, deep lake. Just now I was freed by the two of you. We we did nothing. Yes, you did nothing but your selfishness with insistence on doing what you want, Rosie. And your frustration. But helplessness, Flynn is a key for me to be released. You. You are the legendary dark witch, Helen. That's right. It's me. Hearing that Flynn worriedly pulled Rossy's hand and ran away. Wanna run away? It's not that easy. Rosie angrily turned around to fight the witch, but before she could do anything, a huge bolt of magic rush towards her. Ohh help me huh? Wake up. It's was my fault. I am so selfish. This guilty feeling of yours is so great. The more negative emotions you have, the stronger I become. You you are so cruel. Evil is a power of strength. For the old days I used to spread fear and jealousy to this fairy land, making the fairies riotous and turned to slaughter each other, which helped Mike strengthen increase enormously. I thought I would become the reigning queen here, but I never thought that your elder took everything from me and showed me in the cold lake bottom for 1000 years how lonely it was because you deserve it. Person like you will be alone for the rest of your life. Then all of us will be trying the taste of solitude together. And it will start with you. Watch me. The witch shot magic at the two of them, but to her surprise, her magic was repelled by their love. Impossible. That is the power of love which you can never have. That is also the thing that broke your seal. Negative emotion has no power. I tell you what power is, yeah, after saying that, Rosie tried her best to shoot magic bolts at the witch, but her strength could not match the witches dark power. Are you confident about your love? Then I will plan to practice magic and make Flynn hate you. That hatred will make me stronger than ever and you will have to suffer excruciating pain. Wait and see. Rosie panicked and ran to Flint, but it was too late. The witch took him away. Flynn. Flynn. Ohh my Flynn. Rosie was extremely regretful and worried. Because of her own impulsiveness and selfishness, she had put Flynn in danger and the safety of the fairyland was also threatened. Rosie hastily flew over to beg for the elders. Help. Elder, please help me. I broke the seal and freed the evil witch.


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