29/05/2023 - Scary Story

Scary Story
Another Christmas was coming together with the elves. Santa Claus was so busy preparing the gifts to deliver to the kids around the world. Good job my elves, if we keep on doing. Like that, everything will be done soon. Santa, are you OK? OK, I think you should take a rest. What's wrong? What? You just need a portion of the doctor else then I will be OK. Hmm. Santa, here is your potion. The sleeping grass will help you relax for a while. Sleeping grass grass. Hmm. The sleeping grass has really strong effect. Just one blade of grass can make a person sleep for the whole day. How many blades of grass did you put in that position? I guess three or four? Oh no, it's only two days until Christmas. What should we do without Santa? Ohh, I will ask another guardian to help me handle everything. Send this letter to Jack. He will agree to help me for sure, but Santa Claus fell asleep. When the letter had it been finished yet? Hold on, Mr. Sandra, which Jack did you mean, Mr. Santa? Jack, is that Jack O Lantern? Although I didn't understand much, but this was his decision. We still have to do it quickly. Then the letter was quickly sent directly to Jack O Lantern. Why did Santa Claus ask for my help anyway, this will be interesting. I will let it down. Arriving at the Christmas land, Jack O Lantern was so excited and astonished. Then he came up with an idea. Having to receive this kind of gifts every year and the kids must be really bored. If I change a little bit they will be surprised and this will be their most memorable Christmas ever. Hmm. What? Ohh. You're not allowed to change the gifts like that. Santa Claus gave me all the rights to control this place so I can do whatever I want. You are not allowed to give objections. But. Hurry up, we don't have much time to waste. Then all the colorful gifts were changed to the horror and scary ones by Jack. Finally, Christmas came. Jack O Lantern was so excited to do that thing for the first time. Wow, this costume is really suitable for me. Is there any way that I will be able to come here next time? All right, let's go. Then the horror Christmas gift were sent to each kid by Jack O Lantern. At that moment, Jack Frost was also wandering outside, seeing the sleigh. He thought that was Santa Claus. That's right, it's Christmas night. I will give Santa Claus a hand. When being near the sleigh, Jack Frost realized that the man on this lay wasn't Santa Claus, but Jack O Lantern. Jackal Lantern, how dare you steal this leave, Mr. Santa. Don't be misunderstanding. I was invited by Mr. Santa to distribute Christmas gifts for him. But why did the presents become like that? This is my innovation for a new in Christmas. How could you decide it by yourself? If you do that, the kids will be really frightened. No, On the contrary, they will be excited. I won't let you give those presents to the kids. I'm the one who was authorized by Santa, so I have all the rights to do anything today. Step aside, don't interfere my work. Suddenly a high pitched cry resounded, interrupting their talks. It turned out that the horror gift of Jackal Lantern frightened the kid. At that moment, Jack Frost quickly turned that gift into a cute stuff. Then the kid stopped crying. Umm. Hmm. Looks like they're someone who was trying to sabotage Christmas by the scary gifts. Making the kids suddenly wake up at midnight and cry out in fright. I had to work really hard to love them to sleep again. We're Santa Claus. Hmm. Again. You see it? But why they used to be so excited with those toys on Halloween. Holiday has its own typical features. When you try to change it by yourself, everything will be messed up and the consequences will be very serious. Consequences. What consequences? If people don't believe in any holiday, it's garden will disappear forever. But I just wanted everyone to be more joyful. I didn't want it to happen. What should I do now? We have to exchange all those presents before it's too late. I've distributed all of the gaffs and all of them is scary. Moreover, the morning is about to come above the exchange of the presents. We can ask for the help of the guardians, but about the gifts. I get help. Assistant Elf, you have been an asset for the whole time, but why didn't I see you? This sack is actually a tunnel which can lead to Christmas land, so the elves can move easily. I I'm sorry for my crazy idea. We'll talk about this later. Just save Christmas first. Meanwhile, the elves fixed the gifts. Jackal Lantern, with the support of the Gorgons, quickly exchanged them. No sooner had the last gift exchanged. The sun rose, the smiles of the kids were everywhere. Hmm, great Santa Claus brought me the gift again. Thank you so much, Santa. Then another Merry Christmas was coming.

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