30/05/2023 - Spirits Story

Spirits Story
Look, those servants are so miserable. What did they do to be punished gravely like that? Hmm. How dare you serve me? A disgusting food like that goes there to receive your punishment and all of you stand up straight. Dare to provoke me? You must be tired of living, Brian. I think you shouldn't punish them gravely like that. Anyway, their sin is not so great. They were too noisy. They ruined my nap. Isn't it a great sin? If you see them miserable, just take the punishment for them. The only thing you can do is to use your power to bully weak people. Hmm. What then? Power is the thing that you can never have. People put that insolent men into the dungeon for me. If you were a tiny, normal person, no one would respect you. That day will never come. One day, when the winter was about to come, being too bored with the amusements in the palace, the Prince decided to go to the nearby forest to find something new. Suddenly he saw a tiny thing which was moving below. Taking a closer look, it turned out to be a tiny girl. See what I have a tiny girl. It's interesting. Please release me. I will repay you. I have everything I need. Nothing but a tiny toy. I will bring you back to entertain. You are too bad. Then don't blame me. The girl took a small potion from her pocket and. Threw it. Directly toward the Prince, making him so painful. When the pain was eased, the Prince opened his eyes and saw himself turned into a tiny man. The tiny girl also found a way to get back to the ground. Hmm. Huh. How dare you spell me? I order you to turn me back to normal quickly. If you don't do it, I will order people to destroy this forest. Ignoring the threats from the Prince, the tiny girl just left there all. Right. Wait for it. However, just walking for a few steps, suddenly the big Ant appears, believing that the Prince was. Oh, it came closer and grabbed the Prince. Well help me anyone there please help me. At that very moment, the tiny girl appeared and helped the Prince escape from the ants. I will eliminate all of ants in this entire Kingdom. And with his shape at that time, it was really dangerous for him to return to the palace. So he had to follow that tiny girl. That tiny girl named Tina has spirit of the forest. Her house was an old oak route. Despite being so small, but the space inside that oak route was so large. I order you to turn me back into a normal human quickly, or I will. Anemone. What? The flower of anemone will help you diffuse the spell, but it's winter now. There will be no anemones for you. Don't try to fool me. The winter is so long to come. Wait for it to see how I will punish you. Ryan opened the door. And a cold wind. Blew. In making him freeze. So even if he didn't want it, but he had to stay there until the end of winter if it didn't want to be frozen. Tina's Daily works were to help the wounded animals in the forest. Didn't know why, but there were so many of the animals who needed the help of Tina that winter, waiting for so long without having the dinner. The Prince was angry with Tina. Hmm. Do you intend to prepare the dinner for me? If you want it to be quick, just give me a hand or I will kick you out of here. You dare just thread and a Prince? I will give you a great punishment. Of course I dare, because it's my house, my world, and you can never use your rules with me here. Hmm. Couldn't do anything more. The Prince had to help Tina unwillingly. After working hard for a long day, the Prince felt so exhausted. Tina served the Prince a hot pot of soup that she prepared when he had been so busy. Hmm. Did you cook it with magic? It's more delicious than all the things I've eaten before. Just a normal mushroom soup. It's because you're hungry. Thank you so much for today. When they were enjoying the meal joyfully, suddenly the continuous knock sounded. A wounded giant goblin. Was looking for Tina's help. I think you shouldn't help him. The goblins are really cunning and evil. However, with her kind nature, Tina couldn't stand there and ignore the goblin. She's still decided to cure the goblin. A few days later.

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