01 October 2023 - Car Lawyer

If the responsible party is insured and their insurance company covers damages from the accident, they may pay the injured party compensation such as medical expenses and property damage. However, a victim may want to file a personal injury lawsuit if they are underinsured, uninsured or underpaid by their insurance provider.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You
A car accident lawyer can be a valuable resource in any of the above situations, as pursuing financial compensation for your losses can be a complex undertaking. First, the victim must prove who caused the accident and establish the sequence of events and circumstances that contributed to the accident. They need to gather evidence to support their claim, which may include eyewitness accounts, police reports, medical reports and compensation receipts. The plaintiff may also need to contact the insurance company and other parties or their legal representatives. Although some personal injury cases are resolved through settlement, sometimes you will need to file a claim in civil court. A traffic accident attorney can help you:

1. Conduct an investigation, review police reports and medical records, and gather eyewitness accounts.
2. Demonstrate the circumstances of the accident, as well as the sequence of events leading up to it.
3. Prove who was at fault Build a case based on the details of the incident Establish a strategy to claim compensation on your behalf Contact insurance companies, attorneys and other involved parties on your behalf.
4. Represent you in negotiations or in court if necessary
5. Keep you updated throughout the process and answer any concerns or questions you may have

Some cases may be more difficult to investigate than others, such as accidents involving ride-sharing companies, commercial trucks, public transportation, and medical vehicles. In any of these situations, multiple parties may be responsible, or the responsible party may be a corporation or a city or state government. A traffic accident lawyer can help you follow the relevant procedures when dealing with such parties.

Each state has statutes of limitations that set a time limit for plaintiffs to file suit against another party as defined by the Legal Information Institute (LII). The limitation period varies depending on your location and the party against whom you are bringing the claim. For example, the statute of limitations may be two or three years to bring a lawsuit against another civilian, whereas you may only have six months to sue a local government. The limitation period is not the same as the time you have to file an insurance claim. You should always make a claim or at least notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Some providers specify that you must notify them within a "reasonable time" for your claim to be valid. Again, these times may vary from state to state.

Losses related to traffic accidents
A car accident can cause different types of damage. It can range from totaled cars to debilitating physical injuries, as well as emotional pain and suffering, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress. A car accident lawyer can help you identify the damages you have suffered and what type of compensation you may be entitled to. After your car accident you can get compensation for the following:

1. Cost of repairing or replacing property
2. Cost of current or reasonably anticipated medical expenses
3. Lost wages for the time you lost because of your injury
4. Earning capacity is reduced if the injury is so severe that you cannot return to your previous position.
5. Mental pain and suffering
6. Loss of Consortium
7. Funeral and burial expenses (if a loved one dies as a result of their injuries)

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