01 October 2023 - Property Lawyer

What is property law?
Real estate law, sometimes known as real estate law, deals with transactions involving residential and commercial real estate and covers specialist areas such as real estate finance, mortgage lending or social housing.

Personal Property Law
Personal property law covers all legal aspects of buying or selling personal or residential property. Property solicitors deal with domestic or international clients who wish to buy or sell property in the UK or abroad.

Commercial Property Act
Commercial property law involves the management of commercial property or land that generates profit for the owner. Commercial property attorneys handle all legal aspects of buying and selling commercial property. Clients can be from all sectors such as farmers, hoteliers and charities.

Main subject of property law
transfer of land
Land ownership
Land disputes
the mortgage
Harmful products

What does a real estate attorney do?
This area of law deals mostly with transaction-based work, such as buying and selling or leasing property, but also has a litigation side. Other related areas of law include landlord and tenant as well as building and planning law. Practical areas are divided into residential and commercial uses. Residential work can be commercial or regional business and the client is usually the public. This type of job sees a lot of telephone contact with clients, working with developing their property buying experience. Depending on the number of cases handled, time can be tight, so attorneys need to keep track of where each of their clients is in the property buying process. Larger companies are more likely to take work and direction from commercial clients. This work involves negotiating land contracts, drafting commercial lease agreements and conducting due diligence. Issues range from large-scale developments to small business premises to sole traders.

Because property law is interesting
Perhaps most recognized by all, the field of property law affects every individual in society, whether they are tenants or investors in large-scale real estate projects. At some level, most people will encounter an understanding of property law at some point in their lives, making this area of law attractive to many.

Skills Needed to Become a Real Estate Attorney
Multitasking is essential when dealing with multiple parties when putting together a transaction. Negotiating and drafting is also important, especially in commercial properties.

How quickly a transaction is completed can depend on an attorney's ability to work with the other parties involved, so good relationship-building skills are required. This skill is especially important in residential conveyancing as customers are often emotional in the process. A good approach with clients will be appreciated and may lead to more referrals.

How to become a real estate lawyer?
To work as a solicitor, you can take the Bar Qualifying Examination (SQE) or, if you qualify, you can study the Legal Practice Course (LPC). If you qualify through the SQE, you will also need to complete two years of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE). To prepare for the SQE, we recommend studying one of our SQE courses, which are designed to give you the knowledge and skills for a successful career as a lawyer. If you are eligible to study the LPC you will need to secure a two-year training contract with a law firm. To find out which path is right for you, visit our Becoming a Lawyer page. Once you have completed your two-year training contract or QWE, you can apply to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to be admitted as a solicitor. To become a barrister, you must complete a law degree before completing the Bar Practice Course (BPC) or a conversion course if you are not a law graduate. You must therefore protect the student. Work experience in this area is just as important as your qualifications as a solicitor, so gaining as much residential and commercial experience as possible would be beneficial. It does not have to be legal. Many people come from the housing and assisted living industry to become real estate attorneys. To become a lawyer you have to go through all the steps

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